Friday, March 30, 2007

I am my own Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a Marvel Comics character. When he started out in the comics biz, his job was to surf around the galaxy (it's as cool as it sounds) and find worlds for his boss to eat. His boss, Galactus, was a celestial giant cursed with an eternal hunger. The only thing that could satisfy it, even on a temporary basis, were whole worlds. So the Surfer would find a suitable candidate, signal his boss, and then his boss would pop in for a tasty meal, a meal which spelled doom for that planet and all of its inhabitants (I'd hate to think of the bill!).

Anyway, as I was walking around downtown this week, it occurred to me I am my own Silver Surfer. What I mean by that is I'm always on the lookout for a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup. I love this soup. It's always such a treat. Quite seriously, I can't get enough of it. Anyway, I was stymied early on in my search, which basically was the Champp's in Butler Square. Their soup of the day was kidney bean or some God-awful thing. From there, I stepped into The Loon, and their soup of the day was chicken noodle. It appeared it just wasn't going to be my day.

How-ever, when I opened the menu, I noticed they have chicken and wild rice soup as a fixture on their menu. It was a glorious moment! However, as so often is the case, their proved to be a fly in the ointment (though not in the soup, thankfully). I could tell you what that was today, but then I'd have nothing to blog about whenever I blog next. So I'm cutting you off.

Look for...the rest-of-the-story when next we meet, a post which will almost certainly be titled 'My Life In a Bowl of Soup.'

Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


As I mentioned yesterday, even though I didn't get my shot at the big time, I had a great time in downtown Minneapolis. What fun! I work in an office environment -- a very good one, as they go, but it can't quite match the energy of downtown. I took a good long walk and even jaywalked across Washington Avenue! To me, nothing quite matches the thrill of jaywalking, that feeling that even the police can't stop you...there's nothing like it.

I'm hoping to be famous someday, as some of you may know. Or semi-famous. My hope is that I'll be either famous enough or semi-famous enough to get my own statue downtown, like Mary Tyler Moore. I know dead people don't get much say in what their statue will look like or where it will be displayed, but I would like my statue to be of me jaywalking, and I'd like it displayed smack dab in the middle of Washington Avenue.

Yes, it's my wish to be as annoying in death as I was in life. If I can do that, then I will know that neither my death -- or my life -- was in vain.

It could work. And talk about art imitating life! It gives me shivers, folks.

It gives me shivers.