Sunday, May 06, 2007

a small treasure

I just returned from seeing the movie 'Diggers'. A very nice little movie. Apparently, it's an arthouse film (okay, that much I knew) and it's already out on DVD -- who knew? At any rate, I'm glad I saw it in the theatre. The movie had a ton of atmosphere/local color and I think that translates better on the big screen. For those of you who don't know, it' s the story of some independent clam diggers back in the 70's, who are slowly being squeezed out by larger, corporate clam harvesting outfits. The always-excellent Paul Rudd is excellent once again and there are some really nice supporting roles. It was a pleasant way to spend one hour and twenty-six minutes, give or take.

It's a real gritty show. A lot of drinking, a lot of cigarettes and a lot of rough around the edges characters. It's not a great movie and it's not a classic movie, it's just a very solid 3-star show (with four stars being the highest rating possible).

Yes, as I say, it's quite gritty. It has me in the mood to want to drink a few beers, eat some oysters and then get into a barroom brawl. You guessed it! I'm going to Red Lobster tonight!!!