Friday, March 06, 2009

No Myth

Into the Sunset
before I hit
those eternal bricks,
I want to take a job
at some company
for half a day.
I'll work hard through
the morning,
and then break
for the breakroom
at lunchtime.
I'll pull my sandwich
out of the fridge,
unwrap it
before my colleagues
and exclaim, 'Well, would
you look at this!
What they'll see
is a freshly-made hay sandwich;
two pieces of bread
with a goodly amount
of hay stuffed between them.
I'll chuckle, then say,
'That must mean Sally
has MY sandwich.'
Then I'll shrug, as if to say,
'well, these things happen.'
After that I'll go back downstairs
and tell the boss I'm quitting.
That afternoon people will be all abuzz
about, and I will forever be known as,
The Guy Who Made His Horse a Sandwich.

From there, I'd let a month
or two go by.
Then I would mail the company
an 8 and 1/2 x 11 color photo of me
standing placidly next
to a stately chestnut mare.

You might ask,
What's in this for me?
See, I want to break free
from the bonds of reality
and become
the stuff
of myth.

And I think this just might do it.


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