Sunday, February 08, 2009

a little story

I know I was going to feed you another Abe Lincoln tale today, but that single post is now morphing into a series of posts, so let's let those marinate a bit longer. I've also got just a bit of historical research to do before I go too far down that dusty path. Thus, without further ado:

There was once a singer named Tim Buckley. He died. But before he did, he had a son -- Jeff Buckley. Jeff Buckley was a singer too, who also died. But before he did, he recorded an album called Grace. On that album was a song called Mojo Pin.

In the late 90's a fledgling rock band in North Dakota liked that name so much that that's what they christened their band. They were pretty good -- so good, in fact, it surprised me when they agreed to open for me at a poetry reading/book release (a simple self-published chapbook) party I hosted in the year 2000, back when I did that sort of thing. I'm getting offtrack.

Mojo Pin eventually disbanded. Their lead singer wanted to go back home, to Norway. Who could blame her for that? However, the band's guitarist decided to strike out on her own and released her own record. Years later, I discovered she ended up playing in a band with Juliana Hatfield.

Long story short? Juliana Hatfield and I are practically related!

I should give her a call one of these days...find out what she's been up to all these years.


Blogger Missy said...

You should give her a call! And it seems you might be up for some of the Buckley estate too, may they rest in peace.

I have seen Julianna Hatfield, I love her music, but let's just say she does not always come across as the brightest bulb on the xmas tree. I hope it is all one cute act. I love the Blake Babies and her work with The Lemonheads.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Citizen said...

Yeah, maybe I'll call her tomorrow. Or the next day.

I saw her with a friend at the 400 Bar years ago. The girl I knew who was playing with her at the time (who was in Mojo Pin) wasn't there that night. Someone in her family was sick. So, no getting to meet Juliana Hatfield -- assuming that girl would have remembered me. That reminds me of the time I almost met Liz Phair. Now there's a story!

11:51 AM  

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