Thursday, March 29, 2007


As I mentioned yesterday, even though I didn't get my shot at the big time, I had a great time in downtown Minneapolis. What fun! I work in an office environment -- a very good one, as they go, but it can't quite match the energy of downtown. I took a good long walk and even jaywalked across Washington Avenue! To me, nothing quite matches the thrill of jaywalking, that feeling that even the police can't stop you...there's nothing like it.

I'm hoping to be famous someday, as some of you may know. Or semi-famous. My hope is that I'll be either famous enough or semi-famous enough to get my own statue downtown, like Mary Tyler Moore. I know dead people don't get much say in what their statue will look like or where it will be displayed, but I would like my statue to be of me jaywalking, and I'd like it displayed smack dab in the middle of Washington Avenue.

Yes, it's my wish to be as annoying in death as I was in life. If I can do that, then I will know that neither my death -- or my life -- was in vain.

It could work. And talk about art imitating life! It gives me shivers, folks.

It gives me shivers.


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