Sunday, July 27, 2008

But He is The Batman

We saw the new Batman movie last night. It' know, it's good. Visually stunning, the story is pretty good and they draw some interesting parallels between the Batman/Joker conflict and the War on Terror TM.

It's worth seeing. As with most movies, I think had they cut the last twenty or so minutes it would have made for a superior film. As it was, I'd give it 3.5 stars out of 4. A very good movie.
And Ledger? He makes it interesting. It's a shame about him. It would have been fun to see what he might have done. I'm thinking the sky was the limit.

Then there's Batman. He was good too. Still the lone wolf, still the gadget freak, still pretty good on his feet.

Growing up, I was a Marvel kid, meaning I read Marvel comics. I only read DC comics when I was hard up, when I couldn't get a Marvel fix. Then eventually all the buzz about the rebranding of Batman -- changing him from the overstuffed boy scout he was into The Dark Knight -- sucked me in and I quickly became addicted to Batman, too.

The opening of one Batman comic really stayed with me over the years. Clearly, it's still with me. It was right after the 2nd Robin was killed by the Joker (relax, this is in the comic books). Batman was pretty much ruined afterwards, thinking he had caused a young man's death. So to make up for that, he started to take crazy risks; diving headlong into situations without doing his usual homework. He was punishing himself, more or less. Possibly trying to kill himself.

So this one comic opened with him slugging it out with some 2nd-tier, Joker-wannabe on top of a dam. The opening was all action and narration and it went something like this: His breathing is labored. His body aches. He's already been stabbed twice. Any other man would succumb to his wounds and tumble headlong into the raging abyss below. But he is The Batman, and this only makes him more determined.

I guess I just love the concept of Batman. How f'd up do you have to be to decide, 'I think I'm going to dress up like a bat from now on, and fight crime.' Pretty darn f'd up, I'm thinkin'.


Blogger Missy said...

We finally saw the movie Friday. I liked it, very exciting scenes. I totally agree about the last 20-30min. It had me worrying that it would never end, like the last Lord of the Rings movie!

7:42 AM  
Blogger Just Dan said...

Excellent comparison, Missy! I saw that movie with a friend and he said right after the movie that HE was ready to pick up Frodo and Sam and carry them both to the edge of the lava pit himself, just to get the damn movie over with. :-)

8:40 AM  

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