Saturday, June 14, 2008

the perfect song

For me, the perfect song has yet to be written. Many, many songs are near-perfect, but not one has been written yet -- that I'm aware of -- which meets my benchmarks that would qualify it as the perfect song. My benchmarks are thus; the song would have to mention these three things: coffee, California and the moon.

A few bands have come close. The Counting Crows' nailed two of my benchmarks on their song 'Daylight Fading'. There are some lovely lyrics in this song and there was a time where it would have made my list. I just don't think it's held up quite well enough, though. Still, this lyric never fails to fire my blood: It's getting cold in California, I guess I'll be leaving soon..

Why does that do it for me? Well, as I've told you before, California intrigues me to no end. Each time I've been there, I've detected a funky energy I've felt nowhere else on this planet. This energy is not entirely positive. There's something dangerous about it too. Dare I say mystical? I think I do. Anyway, it has a very slight hold on me. Getting back to the song, why is it getting cold in California? That's something I want to know. Plus the guy is getting ready to do something. Action is imminent. All of the elements of a really good story -- except for some sex and a coffee reference -- are right here. So let's give that song Honorable Mention. And move on.
I get a kick out of Adam Duritz. I remember reading a very short interview with him in Rolling Stone back when and the interviewer lobbed out about 8 questions. The only one that Duritz really reacted to was the mention of Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons). At this he raised his eyebrows and smiled. That made me laugh.

There's a lot to be said for keeping your mouth shut.


Blogger Voix said...

You totally have to get on Pandora Radio and groove to the tunes on there. You can set up your own radio station and listen to all kinds of stuff you may not have otherwise found! I love it there.

12:31 PM  
Blogger blackcrag said...

I'll put a vote in favour of "Daylight Fading". It has held up for me as it remains one of my favourite songs of theirs. It has the perfect blend of pensive angst and smooth rythym without being too introspective.

Why hasn't the song held up for you?

7:04 PM  
Blogger Just Dan said...

Intriguing, Voix. Intriguing. I'll do my best to check it out. Time this week, it's in short supply! Maybe next summer will prove to be more relaxing..

And, BC, though we seem to be largely in sync, we can't seem to get into lockstep when it comes to the Counting Crows. I'm with you; it's a very good song. I think perhaps the reason I'm holding it off the list is that there was a time in my life when, if my life had been a TV show, that song would have been the theme song to it. Maybe that's a good spot to leave it. It is a good song, though. On that we're agreed.

There is a lyric in that song I might blog about someday: 'I am waiting for the telephone to tell me I'm alive.' I have some definite thoughts about that.

9:46 AM  

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