Saturday, January 12, 2008

my day to write a horoscope

Not much time today. So I thought I'd write about something that occurred to me yesterday. Back a long time ago in what I call my Days of Booze, a period marked by infrequent -- but probably still too frequent to be healthy -- bouts of fairly heavy drinking, I was out of town with some like-minded friends. Luckily, one of these friends had a brother in this town, so we all got greased up good and then crashed at the home of my friend's brother. His brother was out of town, so we had the place all to ourselves. And we didn't have to spring for a hotel room (score!). Well, by about 1:30 or so, we were all pretty shook down, so the scramble for shelter began. My friend, the one whose brother's place we were staying at, got the bed. No argument there, of course. Someone else got the couch and whatever blanket-type device was draped across the back of that. The rest of us got to 'go fish,' basically. It was spring, I think, so it shouldn't have been such a big deal.

But the place really cooled down at night. And there was literally nothing to use as a blanket. So I don't know, three or four of us just sprawled out on the floor at various points across the living room and assumed fetal positions. I wasn't quite drunk enough to just fall asleep peacefully. No, I was just sober enough to be the only one left to think about just how cold I actually was. I was shivering! It was horrible! That night will always rank among the most miserable nights of my life.

Anyway, I must have nodded off for at least a short while. Then as dawn began to break, I decided to venture over to the hall closet. Inside, were any numbers of thick blankets and comforters. Seriously, it was a closet of warmth! So I grabbed a nice comforter and hit the floor again. Then, no more than five minutes later, my friend who had enjoyed a pleasant night of warmth and sleep in a real, live bed stepped out of the bedroom and announced it was time to 'get a move on.'

True story.

Now the horoscope part of this post. I think for all of us, there are things we want or don't have and we get to thinking these things are far away, or out of our reach. Today, as you go out into the universe, keep this story in mind. That bag of Doritos or piece of key lime pie you crave so much is probably a lot closer than you would ever imagine it to be. But you have to actively look for it, my friends. That's the deal.

Watch out for Tauruses today, Pisces.


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