Sunday, December 16, 2007

please disregard

Please disregard the poem in my previous post. I am totally in the Holiday Spirit! I would never slam the door on carolers and I would never hang up on the United Way. It's not what I'm about.

Nevertheless, there is a commercial playing right now that drives me batty as a loon. It's the one -- I think it's a Radio Shack commercial -- where an old lady hears a bump at her front door. She goes to investigate, opens the door, looks down and there's some kind of miniature, remote-controlled vehicle that has an i-Pod resting atop it. Playing on the i-Pod is a recording of kids next door singing a Christmas Carol. I don't know what it is about this, but it just fills me with hate. I want the old lady to steal the i-Pod, smash the vehicle and rail at the kids (watching from the window next door), "You kids and your damned internet! I've had enough, do you hear me? Enough!'

Then I want her to slam the door and go to her liquor cabinet and pour herself a tumbler full of bourbon. That would make my Christmas and fill me complete and utter joy.

What else? Well, we saw 'Juno.' Go see it. It's a very enjoyable film. It won't change your life, but it is entertaining. The screening we saw was one where Ms. Diablo Cody herself appeared afterwards for a raucous Q & A session. And it was raucous, I'm telling you. There was a rather distinguished middle-aged woman who served as moderator, and she was very clearly thrown off balance by the danger-radiating Diablo Cody. The first minute? Beyond awkward! They did this rather bizarre two-step and I think all of us in the crowd thought there was at least a chance they were going to kiss. I think the distinguished middle-aged woman thought they were going to kiss. They did not kiss, though, and the Q & A session finally lifted off the ground.

That's 'Juno,' opening soon at a theater near you.


Blogger Missy said...

I have never seen that commercial. And I read about that awkward Q&A. I hear she would not sit in a chair?

I will take you off teh grinch list.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Just Dan said...

It WAS awkward. Ms. Cody does NOT play by the rules. To be fair, I did get the sense she was running on fumes. Maybe she would have fallen asleep had she sat down.

You might want to reassess my placement on your grinch list after the post I posted today. ;-)

10:47 AM  

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